The web site is a service used to create and manage translation memories: filling and using them is out of its scope, as you will use the plugin for your favorite CAT tool to do that.


The service is divided into totally independant accouts: this means that translation memories which are in a different account are logically independant, with no possibility to share data between them.
As a consequence, confidentiality should not be a reason why not to use this service: data you put in your memories are only visible to people to which you gave the connection info about your memories. They are not visible for our other clients.
On the other hand, if you use this service this is probably because you want to share data between two or more translators. As a consequence, account should not be related to an individual user, but to a group: you can have one account for your enterprise, for associated translators (even if the association does not exist as an enterprise or a registered association), for a project... In any case, from our point of view, the only information we keep about you is the e-mail you decide to use as an identifier of your group.

The page "my databases"

If you enter on this page the first time, as you do not have any account, it will only give you a form to buy a new database.
During the checkout process you will have to enter an e-mail adress : as it will be used to create a user account, now it is time to decide which e-mail will receive the notifications. It can be changed later, but you will need to be connected to do that, because if you simply buy new memories with another e-mail, this creates a new account!

Once connected, you will see here all still existing memories you have bought. You can add queries to existing memories (except for free memories, which are not extensible), and still buy new ones. Since you are connected, you don't need to re-type your e-mail adress.


User points are a way to buy new memories without interaction with a payment platform. Each account has its own set of points, initially empty. You can buy new points the same way as you buy memories, the only difference is that when you do so, the "points" payment method is of course not anymore available!

Actually one point is equivalent to 0.10 euro when you use them; on the contrary when you buy them, you will receive 250 points for only 20 €, so you win 50 points to thank you for using them instead of a payment platform. You may also receive points if you help us anyway to make the service better (for example, translating the website in your language).